Details Of Holiday From Christian Guild Hotels
Holiday Title:Keswick in Devon
Dates:3rd Mar 2019 - 8th Mar 2019
Brochure Code:00000
Holiday Type:Spiritual
Ensuite Package Price:£380
Hotel:Sidholme Hotel
Contact Tel:01395 515104

This holiday provides a fantastic way to experience the presence of God as we join with local Christians and visitors who have travelled from across the country for stimulating and challenging Bible teaching and ministry from some of the most gifted preachers ministering today. Events take place in All Saints Church — about a 5 minute walk away.

Come and experience the presence of God and join visitors and local Christians in the spring each year for stimulating and challenging Bible teaching and ministry from some of the most gifted preachers ministering today. Two meetings a day enjoy an audience of 250 - 300 participants from far and wide across the UK.

Main speaker for 2019 is David Jackman and James Grier

David Jackman

David is a well-known speaker at the Keswick Convention and we are delighted to welcome him back to Sidmouth.

After six years working among students with the UCCF, David became minister of Above Bar Church, Southampton, where he served for 15 years. In 1991, he moved to London to become the founder-director of the Cornhill Training Course, a ministry within the Proclamation Trust, fulfilling his passion to train and encourage Bible preachers. He served as President of the Trust from 2004 and now in retirement continues to be involved in conferences, preaching workshops and producing distance-learning material for preachers.

David has written several books, including commentaries and ‘The Spirit of Truth; Unlocking the Bible’s Teaching on the Holy Spirit’, from which he will be basing his teaching sessions for us.

David is married to Heather and they have two adult children and four grandchildren.

MONDAY evening at 7.45pm David will give an introductory talk ‘The Promised Holy Spirit’.

He will also speak at 10.45am on:

TUESDAY ‘The Spirit who gives life’ WEDNESDAY ‘The Spirit who empowers believers’ and THURSDAY ‘The Spirit who energises the church’.

Includes half board accommodation

James Grier

James is the Youth Church Advisor for the Diocese of Exeter and leads Unlimited Church, a multi-generational church which exists to reach young people with little or no experience of church or faith. He is also chair of South West Youth Ministries and Chaplain to St Mellitus College South West. He is a lively and vibrant speaker and a regular presence at Soul Survivor festivals.

He spoke at Keswick in Devon 2018, when his passion for reaching out to young people was obvious.

He is married to Liz , who will share one session with him and who leads Unlimited Church with James. She has just had her first book published, ‘Beginning Unlimited’, which is her diary of starting Unlimited Church and its first 10 years. She is also a harpist who teaches and plays at weddings. They have two sons, Josh and Toby, who are 16 and 14 years old.”

James will speak at 7.45pm on

TUESDAY ‘The Spirit of Adoption’ WEDNESDAY ‘The Spirit of Christ’ and THURSDAY ‘The Spirit of Mission’.

Please call Sidholme Hotel on 01395 515104 for more information