Details Of Holiday From Christian Guild Hotels
Holiday Title:Retro Sidholme
Dates:9th Jun 2019 - 14th Jun 2019
Brochure Code:0
Leader(s):John & Muriel Moffoot
Holiday Type:Leisure
Ensuite Package Price:£460
Hotel:Sidholme Hotel
Contact Tel:01395 515104

Experience Guild holidays like they used to be – well nearly! Join us to recall the Guild holidays of yesteryear: name badges and a Welcome Social (with a welcome song!); coach trips with optional walks for all; tournaments; a guest concert; social evenings with games and dancing — who’s for a ‘shoo-fly’ on the lawn? Sorry, no making beds, preparing vegetables or queueing for the bathroom these days — but we will queue for dinner... and woe betide anyone not sitting male/female or saying yes or no at the yes-no dinner! The missionary box will be bulging!

Coming Soon:

Please call Sidholme Hotel on 01395 515104 for more information