Details Of Holiday From Christian Guild Hotels
Holiday Title:Contemplative Crafting
Dates:4th Feb 2018 - 9th Feb 2018
Brochure Code:0
Leader(s):Reverend Anne Charlton
Holiday Type:Arts and Crafts
Ensuite Package Price:£360
Hotel:Sidholme Hotel
Contact Tel:01395 515104

We all know we need to slow down our busy lives, so during this break Reverend Anne Charlton will lead you through a journey to improve or learn a new craft as we seek to reconnect with our core being.

Crafts include: rag rug making; knitting; crochet; patchwork and quilting; canvas work and cross stitch. The break includes gentle tuition, quiet crafting together or alone, and inspiration from scripture, art and nature, encouraging you to find ways of using craft for recreation in your daily life.

Plus optional prayers and reflections.

Meet one of our guides....

Reverend Anne Charlton

Anne is a Church of England Parish Priest who has used craft as a means of balancing her daily life for many years. She has exhibited her work and led courses and retreats in various craft techniques.

The Holiday:

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Please call Sidholme Hotel on 01395 515104 for more information