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Sidmouth, Jurassic Coast, Devon

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Sidholme Hotel Access Statement

Access Statement

Please note the following:

  • There are 44 metres from the Main Building to the Annexe Building and from the back entrance of the Main Building to the Annexe 112 metres.
  • There are 19 metres from the back entrance to rooms 43-46.
  • There are 43 metres from the back entrance to rooms 25-27.
  • There are 52 metres from the back entrance to rooms 74-76.
  • There are 65 metres from the main entrance to carpark main entrance.
  • There are 108 metres from the main entrance to Annexe Car Park and 74 metres from the back entrance.
  • There is no lift access in any of our buildings.
  • Our back entrance is a wheelchair friendly access with ramp and ramp up to the front hall and into our music room.
  • We have 4 disabled car parking spaces next opposite the back entrance to the Main Building


Main House:

  • Main entrance 4 steps
  • 3 steps to Reception from the Front Hall
  • 2 steps and ramp from the back entrance to the Front Hall
  • 2 steps and ramp to the Music Room
  • 3 steps onto the stage in the Music Room
  • There 14 steps from the Music room to the First Floor
  • Billard Room to rooms 44, 44A, 44B and 44C 6 steps and from the ground floor entrance there are 14 steps.
  • We also have 5 gound floor rooms that have no steps to them from the ground floor entrances 74, 75, 43, 45 and 46.
  • 15 steps to rooms 22-27
  • From rooms 25-27 there are a further 5 steps
  • Rooms 23-7 5 steps
  • 3 steps to 22A, 22B and 22
  • from the first floor near 21 up to the 2nd floor 18 steps
  • From the 1st floor to the 2nd floor main stair case 15 steps
  • There are no steps on the 2nd floor
  • 1 step up near the dome to the 1st floor
  • Main stair case to the 1st floor 15 steps
  • 3 steps up from the main stair case to the balcony then a further 2 steps up to the seating in the bay window.
  • 3 steps from the back hall to the gardens/patio area
  • 10 steps from the Richmond Room to the gardens.

Annexe Building

  • 18 steps to the Annexe building or there is a path
  • 3 steps into the Annexe building
  • 5 steps to rooms 51,52,54,55,57 and 58
  • 17 steps upto the 1st Floor and a further 4 steps to rooms 64-71

Swimming Pool

There are no steps into the Swimming Pool Building from the main bulding or the drive way it also has car parking facilities

The Main Pool measures 15m x 6m and has a constant depth of 1.35 (4ft6"). adjacent to the Main Pool is a Toddler Pool 7m x 3m and has a constant depth of 0.7m (2ft).

There are two sets of steps which allow access into the pool- one is sloping and the other is vertical against the wall of the pool.


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Friend of Sidholme Music Room near £30k target to restore Chandeliers

Friend of Sidholme Music Room are now only £3,000 away from their £30k target to restore seven Osler Glass Chandeliers.


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